Friday, November 14, 2008

RSS 1.0... old and broken.

I guess it's a bit old hat, but RSS 1.0 uses the exact same URI for image as a property which relates a channel to an image, as for image as a class. Seems to stem from trying to create an RDF spec which closely resembles some older XML version... at the cost of the RDF spec (RSS isn't the only victim of an XML porting hangover).

No RDF(S)/OWL document exists for the spec (it is quite old -- from 2000) but the above issue also pretty-much precludes the possibility of one being created.

Maybe time for a half-decent (and maybe even less obtuse) replacement. A quick scan of this RSS 1.1 document and it seems to be a candidate. In fairness, it's hardly rocket science... and that's a good thing.

Plus, they capitalise Channel. What's not to like?

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